The P4 Roadmap

Planet 4 launched in 2018. You can find a history of changes on the #Updates page. Want to know where we’re going from here? Check the P4 Roadmap!

Request or vote for P4 features

Below is a list of cool ideas for P4 suggested by the community 🙌. . Please log in* to create a new idea or vote for existing ones!

The full Idea generation / voting / discussion / decision process is described below 👇 (How ideas turn into product development)

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P4 feature request

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How ideas turn into features (Video & process)

Here’s a video and here’s a schematic process on how the ideas above make their way into the core product 👇

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Data-Driven Improvements

To continuously improve existing features and integrate new functionalities, the mantra of the P4 team is “Test before developing”.

The schematic below highlights how this is included in the development process, and for more details please check the Medium post improving Planet 4 with A/B Testing and the Set up A/B testing Handbook guide.

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