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The P4 community includes Greenpeace staff, partners and volunteers working across departments and timezones. We use Planet 4 to engage, mobilize and change the world!

Some of us are web editors, some developers, some are data analysts, some designers, and some of us are a bit of all these things. You can join and help us!

Here’s how to get involved:

🥸 Follow, share or comment the Planet 4 Medium blog 🧞‍♂️ 🧞 🧞‍♀️ Join an upcoming community call💡 Check out the many contribution opportunities

Guiding resources

Here are some additional resources that may help you gain more context and insight into the P4 project:

The P4 Groups – tracks

the community ecosystem
The Planet 4 community space system – Image by WeAreOpen

Here’s the various groups (aka “Tracks“) revolving around the P4 system:

the General P4 space 🌎🌍🌏 for everyone to learn about Planet 4, share, onboard new folks, access to all members and all other sub-communities, stay abreast of urgent news, case studies or big milestones.

the Developers community 👷🚀 for all technical people to come together to contribute, get and receive support and share ideas, code and knowledge.

the Designers community 🎨🦄 for design-skilled minds to exchange ideas, align P4 design with the Greenpeace brand (and vice-versa), test visuals and prototypes and contribute to each other’s work

the Data and Web analytics community 🤸 📊 for all data ninjas to improve existing tracking setups, share testing scenarios and results and encourage a data-driven mindset supporting Greenpeace’s work around the network.

the P4 Council 🎩🦸 that will match the P4 vision with business priorities, align on technology goals and collaborate on solutions to achieve our goals.

the Programme Stakeholders 🧙 for P4 to support campaigns’ engagement strategies. 


Are you a contributor and want to join / be added to any of these channels? Just reach out to the team!

The Greenpeace team

Do you want to know which of your colleagues works on P4 in the NROs? Check the interactive sitemap! (accessible to Staff only – for privacy reasons) and start to get to know the Greenpeace pool of practitioners.

The Engagement systems, interactive map. Click on each country to see who’s using what! (Accessible to Greenpeace staff only – privacy reasons)

There is also a P4 international product team ready to on-board you in the different communities, they are Andrada (community support), Dan (web dev), Florent (php dev), Houssam (ux/ ui designer), Jen (infra architect), Julia (data specialist), Luca (community manager), Magali (design lead), Maud (front-end dev), Natasja (project manager), Nikos (tech lead), Pieter (php dev), Sagar, (php dev), Suzi (product owner), Taylor (ux designer).

Community calls

Our calls are open source and documented at – – do you want to propose a topic for or run the next community call? Please contact the P4 team!

Links & resources