Happy new year everyone! :champers:
Here’s a quick recap of where we’re at with our P4 website greenpeace.ch and an overview of some of the plans for 2022.

First, a HUGE thank you to everyone involved creating and editing content for the website, coming up with new ideas to try, reporting issues or fixing them. And for working together so well in 2021! Including all of the online campaigners, story publishers, media strategists, supporter services, campaigners, DaESy members (Data and Engagement Systems team) and all other staff/volunteers that in one way or the other interacted with the website.

To me, the website is like a living organism, it changes constantly with technical updates and new content. There are now more people working on content than ever before at Greenpeace Switzerland and (including the international Planet 4 team) more people than ever working on the technical aspects and infrastructure. We’ve come a long way in terms of quality of the content, development speed and quality, reliable infrastructure.

We’ve been very involved in the international Planet4 project that’s now running 50 websites in total, greenpeace.ch being one of them. We were able to give some valuable input, for example our experience using forms directly on the website that’s now being implemented internationally. We’ve also received an invaluable amount of support and work from the Planet 4 team, who are doing a truly amazing job at constantly improving Planet 4 and including NROs into their processes.

Praise over and that said, the website is far from perfect and there’s always lots to improve. I can’t visit a page without noticing visual glitches or other things that need changing. The constant stream of improvements also brings a constant stream of issues to solve, technology is changing quickly and forces us to adapt. We need to constantly refine user journeys and get acquainted with new trends in communication and engagement emerge, both within and outside of Greenpeace.

There will be a whole lot of smaller changes in 2022, but here are the bigger visions that are on our plate for this year:

If you’d like to know more or have feedback, please drop me a line on slack or let’s have a coffee through Zoom!

Last but not least, I’d like to encourage you to read the most recent stories on the German part of the website. They cover our current campaigns and look back at 2021. Besides the obviously interesting content, in my opinion these stories are also an example of how we’ve collectively become better and more professional communicators over the last few years. I like the storytelling, the good use of images and video, good structure and use of multiple content elements. Big congrats to all content creators involved!