Dirk and Oscar from Greenpeace Netherlands walk us through the innovations they developed for greenpeace.org/nl before leaving the Organisation 😔 .

These include:

  • A printout text customiser
  • A Social Media sharing customiser
  • A “hero” block to improve the Carousel header
  • A wrapper block (Bootstrap modal component)
  • An E-Activism counter connected to the wrapper to count how many people interacted with the custom block
  • FAQs block (to expand text via a dropdown command)
  • An enhanced columns block (also allowing other blocks)

The full video overview is available at this link (PWD #Ai$N8u9 ) and here’s the github repo of the P4 site of GP NL .

A handover document (in Dutch) is also available.

And here’s the virtual 🍻 and 💚 to thank those 2 awesome professionals for all their hard work 👇