2019 was a big year for the Planet 4 project and the community around it. We completed implementing the system into 45 offices/ NROs, we switched to the Gutenberg editor and we set the foundations for future innovations.

Further on, at the end of last year, we asked your opinion on the project and this is what we found out. Have a look below at the amazing DataStudio Dashboard created by the super awesome Julia.

Top highlights

What is great

  • most of the respondents know how the release process works (frequency, content of release notes etc)
  • people know where to find P4 documentation and tutorials
  • people know how to get in touch with the P4 community to ask questions, ask for advice or get updates
  • 75% of the respondents are happy and very happy with the Planet4 product
  • 83% of the respondents feel engaged and very engaged in the P4 practitioners’ community
  • when it comes to training, around 80% of the respondents have been trained by the P4 team or used the materials provided by the team to train themselves
  • most of the respondents prefer the video tutorials (yes, we’re gonna have a lot of those coming your way this year as well)
  • most of the respondents are satisfied and very satisfied with the support they receive from the P4 team when having a technical challenge or any question related to Analytics and tracking

What can be improved

  • Case studies on P4 usage, on A/B testing and optimization, on P4 innovation – we will produce more content of this type and also outreach to the community to help us with this.
  • SEO optimization – we started a conversation to see what solutions offices use and there is already a Skype group where folks around the organization started to dive into ideas, plans and solutions. Stay tuned, more to come on this topic! Also, there is this document from Niina Tähdensalo from GP Nordic office, where you can find a lot of useful tips about SEO optimised posts.
  • More trainings on Hotjar, on how to use new features and on how to extract and analyse data. We hear you and we are going to deliver. In the meantime, make sure you follow the P4 You Tube Playlist, where we constantly upload resources, short trainings and tutorials. Also, make sure you join this Skype chat to be up to date with conversation about Hotjar and check the updated documentation in the Handbook here.
  • P4 Campaign Generator. Usage of the P4 Campaign Generator is not widely spread across the organisation. Some of the respondents have not heard about it, some others use it only at a very basic level. However, it is important to know that so far, the P4 Campaign Generator has been a pilot and is not yet available to all the sites. You can also read about this group of features on the dedicated page in the Handbook or on the Medium posts, here and here.
  • Planet 4 roadmap. The survey showed that the P4 Roadmap and the strategy behind the tool is not that common among the practitioners as we thought it would be. In a nutshell, the roadmap explains how the P4 software will evolve in time to allow engagement campaigning features. The first version of the roadmap can be consulted here and a more detailed explanation can be read in this Medium post. However, during the P4 team workweek we tried to refine the roadmap for 2020, but please be aware that at this moment there are still decisions to be taken to get to a final version.
  • IdeaPush. IdeaPush is the tool for P4 editors, admins and practitioners in general to submit ideas or proposals for new features. Even though most of the respondents are aware of the process of submitting ideas, the process of including – or NOT – the ideas from Handbook to the roadmap is not that clear. The process is that the product team reviews constantly the ideas submitted and decides to include those into the roadmap in two situations: the feature or a similar idea was already in the roadmap and we prioritize the delivery of the specific feature OR we understand it is important to the community (because it has a high numbers of votes) and we include it into the roadmap even though it was not. We will include communication about ideas in the community calls and in the release notes to be sure the community is aware with what we are planning to develop.

These being said, let us know if there is something we completely missed. Otherwise, let’s all contribute to making the P4 community in 2020 even more amazing than it already is.