The P4 Roadmap

Planet 4 was live for the first time at the beginning of 2018 on version 1.0. The improvements made since then are grouped in the #Updates page.

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Request NEW – Vote P4 features

What you see below is a public list of what is being planned to be released (prioritised based on the P4 Roadmap).

There’s a good chance that the feature your NRO needs is already in the list, but if not, you can submit your idea / proposal (while logged in this Handbook*) and shout out to the community to see how popular it becomes!

Read this Medium post for the full narrative or see “the co-development process” below to know how an idea makes its way to the release and how you can help develop it!

*.. need a Handbook account? Send us an email!

P4 feature request

Get your idea to 100 to be reviewed
Showing ideas that are with tags
Request a new P4 feature
Web Editor

Shared development process

Here’s how the ideas above made their way to the core product, both in an image and a bullet point list. You can (should) read our post about the co-development process to learn how this is done. 

The flowchart explaining how NROs can contribute to the p4 development!

Data-Driven improvement

To continuously improve existing features and integrate new functionalities, the mantra of the P4 team is “Testing before developing”.

The schematic below highlights how this is included in the development process, and for more details please check the Medium post improving Planet 4 with A/B Testing and the Set up A/B testing Handbook guide.


Video: demo of a feature request

Still unclear on the process? The video below may help

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