As a webbie I want to create hidden pages that are visible only to people who have the link (restricted access). An example of a case may be the need to publish landing pages for use by advertising agencies.

Jira Story >> PLANET-3289

Password-protected content >> Release-v1-52

This idea is related to the idea “Draft” previews for colleagues without full editing rights 


  • 🙌  – 9 (from 16 to 25)
  • 💚  – 6
  • 🤔  – 0


💡 Idea meeting outcomes – February 2021 – It’s a GO ✅

This idea is more a “would like”more than an actual need, so not urgent. But definitely on the P4 to-do-list, as it’s not with massive complexity. Need to define when.

RECAP from Community feedback: Think like YouTube “Unlisted” videos. Mostly 💚 . 

Such pages would be excluded from the P4 Search and Search engines (e.g. by outputting a meta tag in page for Search engines to exclude it), tracking ads / Pay-per-click/conversion directly in the Global Property (via UTM tags). Would be very useful for fundraising asks for example. 

Clear use case, would simplify ad-hoc campaigns

– Ideally simple solution, could be a new page type (in Default / evergreen / dropdown). 

– Fundraisers would love it

– Would help a lot for AD campaigns – landing pages directly VS navigating the site, to avoid ppl getting lost in the site

  • Not a “must have” by anyone who joined the call. 
  • However good success in December voting session 🙌  9 /  💚  6 / 🤔  0
  • May add complexity 
P4 tech team gut-feeling recommendation → We already exclude password-protected posts from Search results and Search engines. We could mimic that behaviour for a certain visibility status (eg. “Unlisted”). This page shall not be pulled out from Tags / categories lists. No design intervention needed. Overall Medium complexity.