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Never miss an opportunity to capture someones attention and action with a great looking button. Strategically add buttons to content, without having to code them. A Drag and Drop feature would be ideal.

I want to make it easy for users to take the action, they and we want them to take, so that I can make navigating and taking action (sign up, sign a petition, share, ) easy and intuitive for the user. Which will also help us improve desired conversion (however you and your NRO define it).


Add a CTA button element for authors to add it in their posts without coding it

I want to be able to select simply a button element for users to send to a petition, donation download, SoMe event or any CTA directly from the post so that the CTA is more visible than a simple link and more direct than a Take action boxout that leads to a Take action page and not directly to the wanted page.


Jira ticket:PLANET-3351