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When adding the Take Action Covers to a page, web editors should be able to set the button call to action PER BLOCK to use different Call to actions for each button (e.g. “Share this!”, “Join the team” etc..)

This is Idea will be done as part of the transition of the Take Action Covers to WYSIWYG  ====

Jira >> PLANET-4003  (Idea) + PLANET-4444 (DEV ticket) +  PLANET-5019 (UX Recommendations on how to implement this in WYSIWYG)

==== UPDATE 01/07/2020 >> “2 new prototypes related to Take Action covers are now available! Prototype 1 / Prototype 2 / Feedback

=========== UPDATE 21/10/2020 >>  the new Take Action Covers UI is ready! Check PLANET-5454 (designs) which will soon turn into a development ticket!