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Block: Spreadsheet + Table

Create in-page tables or embed responsive Google Spreadsheets in your P4 posts, pages and campaigns.

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With today’s release, the Spreadsheet block is enabled both in Pages and Posts and the navigation and the footer for the P4CG have some UX improvements.

Release v2.20 (19.02.2020)

📣  New features

  • PLANET-4698Spreadsheet embed block: allow in Pages
    • The Spreadsheet block has been enabled in pages and can be found in a separate section called ‘P4 blocks – BETA’ under the blocks menu.
  • PLANET-4699Spreadsheet embed block: allow in Posts
    • The Spreadsheet block has also been enabled in Posts and just like for Pages, it can be found under separate section called ‘P4 blocks – BETA’ under the blocks menu.

Design and UX Improvements 🎩

  • PLANET-4735 – Improve UX navigation options in the campaign customizer
    • We made some changes to the navigation and the logo options:
      • The ‘P4 navigation’ changed its name to ‘Main website navigation’
      • “Navigation background color” options should be switched off if “Main website navigation” is selected. Colors for this navigation menu should keep the same style as the main website navigation (based on the CSS of the site). 
      • “Logo” field should be switched off if “Main website navigation” is selected. 



  • PLANET-4737 – Improve UX footer options in the Campaign customizer
    • We also made a couple of changes for the footer in the Campaign customized:
      • Rename “Footer theme” to “Footer background color”
      • The footer background color set to “Default” should be selected automatically based on the navigation background color picked
      • If “white” footer background color selected, then the “Footer links color” options change depending on the theme that is used
  • PLANET-4742 – Allow option to disable styles of campaign pages
    • When importing a campaign, the editor now has the option to disable the theme style. Also, we made sure the Campaign ‘default’ theme follows the main site theme – even if it is a child theme.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-4655EN Form background image does not fit in on mobile
    • On mobile screens, the EN petition form image was not resizing properly.