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While the co-design of the “Challenges” continues, the team is focusing on improving the blocks (including the progressive switch to WYSIWYG) and the overall technology. This version contains upgrades for image optimisation and SEO as well. See the full changelog

Features 🎩

  • PLANET-5222 Create a “Planet 4” sidebar entry on wp-admin and group the settings
    • The Planet 4 settings have moved to an individual menu on the admin side bar, to enhance their visibility
The P4 Settings have now moved from Settings > Planet 4 to an individual Menu with sub-items
  • PLANET-5225 Carousel Header block: remove “Zoom and slide to grey” style
    • Beside not being used, this style didn’t pass accessibility standards, so it’s been removed, leaving the “Full Width classic”
  • PLANET-5272 Add hreflang tags to the homepage of all NROs
    • Following SEO best practices, we should have hreflang tags at least on the homepage of all NROs to define Country/Language targeting of a website.
    • hreflang tags will be the same for all websites, so it may makes sense to have those in a central place like we do for the country list.
  • PLANET-5142 – Implement Cloudflare’s Image Optimization on Carousel Header block
    • Work to optimise images continues, the Carousel header block now relies on the CloudFlare extension, which automatically resizes and caches images and delivers in WebP on supported browsers

Bug Fixes 🐛 

  • PLANET-5305Column block: non-linked Header styles broken
  • PLANET-5306Post type doesn’t appear on single post pages
  • PLANET-5319Carousel Header block: Failing to edit page because when image source is missing