While still working to switch the rest of the blocks to WYSIWIG, release 2.39 brings a couple more improvements and fixes. A better reporting now includes a Classic block section and a performance optimization. We also added a toggle setting for the EN block, especially useful for the offices that don’t use this tool, so they can turn off the Engaging Networks integration.

🎩 Features

  • PLANET-5479Add a report showing posts with “Classic block”
    • In the Blocks section, we added an entry to check the Classic Block Usage.
    • We could not add this to the block report with the other core block types, as a classic block is not a real block as it’s not inside a block comment, but is created on the fly when WordPress finds html that is not inside a block in a post.
  • PLANET-5450Add a note to the “Cookies Text” section in Planet 4 Settings
    • Added the following observation below the “Enforce Cookies Policy” title: WARNING: If the setting is checked this will prevent Google Tag Manager container from being fired unless the user has accepted the cookies policy (giving consent in the cookies bar). This might affect the data collected with Google Analytics. For more information please see the documentation in the Planet 4 Handbook” 
  • PLANET-5292Create a Planet 4 setting toggle for the EN Block
    • Since not everyone uses Engaging Networks, we introduced a feature toggle which you can use to turn off the Engaging Networks integration. This toggle will be on by default. Turning it off removes the following things from the admin area:
      • The Engaging Networks menu item.
      • The EN form block.
      • The “Progress Bar inside EN Form” style of the counter block.

🔧 Infra / tech improvements

  • PLANET-5443Provide a way of rolling back Staging to the previous release
    • When visual regressions tests fail on staging the deployment has already been done. If there is something to be fixed before promoting to production there is no easy way of testing it, since the second run will now show the differences.
    • Additionally it’s good to have an easy way to rollback to a previous release in case of a big regression. This should be per instance, but also globally.
  • PLANET-5439Apply performance optimization to blocks report
  • PLANET-5297Remove lazy-loading custom js implementation and use html loading tag instead
  • PLANET-5347Add JS acceptance tests for Cookies block
  • PLANET-5323Add JS acceptance tests for Submenu block

🐛Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-5444target=”_blank” gets added to links that aren’t external
    • Links that don’t conform to a certain pattern are changed to be formatted as external links (by adding an svg icon and a class name) and target=”_blank” gets added the them. The function that does this is greedy and doesn’t exclude this case. In this case, the link should not be treated as an external link.
  • PLANET-5424Spreadsheet block: URL vanishes after page being published
    • There was a bug making the URL introduced in the spreadsheet block to vanish when the page was published or updated
  • PLANET-5343Plastics theme: items should be center aligned
    • Task column block copy, icon and button copy should be center aligned and not left aligned
  • PLANET-5475Search result page sidebar sections are not collapsing
  • PLANET-5383Properly size images in Storytelling child theme
  • PLANET-5363Plastics Campaign theme: Tasks block doesn’t collapse/expand
  • PLANET-5014skip-links a11y menu is pushing the page content