Another block switched to WYSIWYG – Happy Point; improved hashtags accessibility; added validation message to prevent slides without image; a couple of bug fixes for the Articles block: translated dates, loaded images – fixed to the right size, stories are ordered by publication date on manual override.

These changes and a couple more in release v2.40. Enjoy!

🎩 Features

  • PLANET-5229Hashtags Accessibility
    • A hashtag like #Consumption is read aloud as follows: “number sign consumption”.
    • We made sure it reads as “Hashtag Consumption”, instead of “Number sign consumption”.
  • PLANET-4904Carousel Header: Add validation to prevent slides without image
    • Block is not allowed to have slides with no images.
  • PLANET-5409Use the same image for staging and production
    • Merged the staging and production pipeline into one
  • PLANET-5270Default style dropdown in blocks
    • There are a couple of blocks that have a default style available, which aim was to be predefined for any future block once chosen a default one. We hid this field since it was somehow redundant.

🐛Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-5500Columns block: Button cuts off text
    • When using the Tasks style and particularly when using 4 columns, the button width has decreased so much that the CtAs are being cut off. 
  • PLANET-5398Articles: Dates are not translated
    • Dates were not localized, but always displayed in English, after the WYSIWYG switch.
  • PLANET-5472Articles block: Loaded images are too big
    • Use smaller thumbnail size
  • PLANET-5462Articles Block: On manual override stories should be order by publication date
    • Since there is no drag/drop functionality to adjust the order of the articles in “Manual override” we should order them by publication date regardless of the order on that field. This will allow editors to add new stories there without having to remove and re-add everything.
  • PLANET-5506Articles block date translation breaks block in editor
  • PLANET-5502Happypoint iframe almost always has a scrollbar
    • Iframe on Happypoint had a scrollbar even in cases where it was not needed. We adjusted the paddings and vertical aligned it.

🔧 Infra / tech improvements

  • PLANET-5486Upgrade dev and prod K8s to 1.15.12-gke.20
  • PLANET-5421Increase Prod SQL Server by 1 CPU & add HA
  • PLANET-5515Search: Send a different http status when no results are found
  • PLANET-5493Update JS acceptance tests for Articles block manual override functionality
  • PLANET-5301 Add JS acceptance tests for Articles block
  • PLANET-4069Handbook: Update IdeaPush plugin