The drawing below should be familiar to all digital people in any NRO.

Schematic of a standard systems integration suite in Planet 4 – Here’s the Template

To do / update your NRO map of System’s integration:

  1. MAKE A COPY of  the Drawing template
  2. MOVE YOUR COPY to your NRO Planet 4 Google Drive
  3. RENAME YOUR COPY “P4 Data & Systems integrations map – GREENPEACE XXXX” or similar
  4. Identify the Engagement Systems your NRO is using (e.g. Petitions / Advocacy >> Engaging Networks?)
  5. Map out all applicable data flows, according to the colour coding:
    1. Standard tools’ integration/s
    2. Custom tools’ integration/s
    3. Not in scope with P4 launch
    4. → Data flows
    5. –> Content flows

As example, below is the systems mapping exercise done by our Greek colleagues (and here’s the Drawing):

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