Access, set up and test the P4 staging site
Anonymise IPs of comments
Assign and manage access roles & permissions
Audit your P3 content
Block: Accordion
Block: Articles
Block: Carousel Header
Block: Columns (& tasks)
Block: Cookies
Block: Counter
Block: Covers
Block: Form (Engaging Networks)
Block: Gallery
Block: Group
Block: Happy Point
Block: Media
Block: Social media
Block: Social Media Cards
Block: Split Two Columns
Block: Spreadsheet + Table
Block: submenu
Block: Take Action Boxout
Block: Timeline
Build Usabilla Pop-Ups campaigns
Check content with your Legal department
Create and manage campaign pages with the P4CG
Create and track donation pages
Create Engaging Networks Petitions with P4 Style
DEV: Setting up multilingual plugin
Edit your P4 / WordPress profile
Embed multimedia content (tweets, posts, stories, timelines, sounds)
Find the right people for Planet4 (project team, stakeholders, partners..)
Get Documentation and project tracking (Drive, Smartsheet...)
Get your P4 sitemap
Import / Export a P4 Campaign page
Integrate P4 with other Engagement Systems
Launch Planet 4
Login to P4
Manage P4 Search
Master URLs, Links, Page Parenting and redirects
Migrate content from P3 to P4 and get NEW content approved
Mobilise people in P4
Perform project retrospective and review
Perform the final checks and the User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Perform the post-launch checklist (SEO, domain, redirects..)
Report Bugs
Set up A/B testing
Set up and manage your Usabilla account (feedback, campaigns, pop-ups..)
Set up events in Google Tag Manager (GTM)
Set up popups in OptiMonk
Set up the P4 DataStudio (GDS) Dashboard
Set up the P4 Google Analytics (GA) view
Set up the P4 Google Tag Manager
Set up the P4 key Content (Navigation, Footer, Menus, Favicon, Post types)
Set up the P4 Settings
Set up, manage and maintain a Multi-Language P4 Site
Sign off the Planet 4 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
The Archive of your P3 website
The P4 Prototypes
Track petitions data in Google Tag Manager (GTM)
Translate P4: strings (commands), theme and plugins
Understand P4 KPIs and evaluate the P3 Google Analytics account
Use the P4 go live as an Engagement opportunity