As a user I want to be able to allow push notifications from greenpeace.org so that, even when I don’t have the Greenpeace website open in my browser, I can be notified of important things like petition launches, campaign milestones and wins, actions, and live streams etc.

As an (online) campaigner, I’d like to notify as many users as possible about a new opportunity to act on my campaigns.

As someone responsible for the website, I’d like to reengage users and bring them back to our website as often as possible, with meaningful content.

Browser notifications (also called web push notifications) would be a great addition to get people back on our website and sign a new petition.

Ideally, the browser notification wouldn’t be sent directly when the page is published, but with a configurable delay or even sent manually.


== UPDATE 03/07 ==> The P4 team is going to review a plugin called One Signal!