Create modal window popups to link to petition or donation pages, embed videos or petitions or just carry important announcements / breaking news.

Should be able to

  • run several at the same time, targeting or excluding whole directories eg. /story/* or individual pages eg /new-zealand/contact/
  • embed EN forms, videos, iframes, P4 content, set background colours etc
  • define load behaviour – eg on page for >3 seconds, visited x pages, show for new visitor, show for returning visitor
  • enable user to close window and not see it again for a set period of time (web editor chooses the time frame for each modal popup)
  • set size and screen position
  • choose a slide in behaviour

For example: https://wordpress.org/plugins/modal-window/

JIRA >> PLANET-4067 

Update April 08th 2020 – Popup community brainstoming visible at http://bit.ly/p4popup