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As an admin I want more control over the tweet button for each page, access to all the parameters and for it to use twitter standards for tweet button: https://publish.twitter.com/


In social settings for pages and posts, as an admin I want to be able to set or leave as default

– page URL + utm tags
– page title / tweet text
– hashtags
– via @handle
– recommend two twitter handles (nro and author)

Example tweet link format ?buttonHashtag=greenpeacenz&buttonRecommendation=greenpeacenz&buttonText=Thetitleoftheblog&buttonType=TweetButton&buttonUrl=httpswww.greenpeace.orgstoryblog-url&buttonVia=greenpeacenz&widget=Button

Jira Ticket (main source) >> PLANET-5030 


=== UPDATE 21/10/2020 ==> The ticket in github for contributors is created! https://github.com/greenpeace/planet4/issues/107