A new block is available for ‘Campaigns’ – the Social Media Cards, which will allow visitors to share on social media or save the images on user’s devices. Also, the CTA button in the Search have been fixed and are not wrapping on two lines anymore and the images from the Carousel and Gallery blocks don’t get zoomed anymore.

Release v2.12 (11.12.2019)

P4 Campaign Generator (P4CG) 

  • PLANET-4531Rename “Socialshare” with “Social Media Cards”
    • To clearly distinguish “P4 Social Media” and the newly introduced “Socialshare” block, the new block was renamed with “Social Media Cards”.
    • Read more about the block on the dedicated page -> Block: Social Media Cards

– KEY INFOSocial media cards is currently available only for ‘Campaigns’

  • PLANET-4539Social Media Card Block: improve “Share on Twitter” functionality
    • When clicking on the “Twitter” button of the Social Media Cards Block, a small pop up opens and the supporters will be able to share the specific tweet copy, the specific image and call to action. short url.
  • PLANET-4399CPP – Investigate primary and secondary button usage across blocks
    • There were some inconsistencies on the usage of Primary and Secondary buttons on the CPP blocks. The EN Form, Columns, Covers and Articles blocks have been reviewed and now have Primary / Call to Action buttons, with the Primary button color.
  • PLANET-4400CPP – Call to action buttons typography
    • Recommendations on the typography of the Call to action button labels were made and implemented.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-4336 –  EN Form: CtA Button disappears in CPP oceans template
    • When using the Oceans template and hovering over the button of the EN Form, the button disappears.
  • PLANET-4516Gallery+Carousel Header block: Images get massively zoomed in for no reason
    • Images uploaded in the Gallery block – Slider style were getting incredibly zoomed in, which was not the expected behavior. This was fixed in the current release.
  • PLANET-4552Search: CTA buttons are broken
    • The CTA button for the Take action page was wrapping into two lines.
  • PLANET-4389Credit line for media disappeared
    • Credit line is shown when we insert a media file from GPI Library, but does not appear at the post, WP media library or any other option do view or edit in WP admin or public view. When we upload the file directly, the field is missing, but it was appearing before the migration to Guttenberg

Geek alert

(this section is dedicated to developers or web editors with advanced tech knowledge)

  • PLANET-4395 – Recreate Git hooks Gulp task in NPM
    • When moving from Gulp to Webpack we lost the Git hooks to link PRs with JIRA tickets. The dev team had to create a NPM task to copy files from .githooks/* to .git/hooks/ with mode 755 as in the old repos.
  • PLANET-4527Implement API endpoint for Blocks Usage
    • On the old blocks plugin we had a custom API endpoint for checking Blocks Usage. This is used by an external service to generate a report. The team re-implemented the same kind of API endpoint on the gutenberg-blocks api.