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We are wrapping up 2019 with a release containing a couple of improvements for Campaigns, fixes for the Gallery block and a fix for Greenpeace Israel site.

Release v2.13 (18.12.2019)

P4 Campaign Generator (P4CG)

  • PLANET-4546Disable Split Two Columns from Campaign pages
    • The Split Two Column Block has been disabled from Campaign pages since its aim it to be used only on Explore type of pages
  • PLANET-4551Remove Gallery formatting for Oceans campaign
    • Removed styling for the “3 columns” gallery in the Oceans theme, so it looks like the the default styles (3 diagonal pictures).

Engaging Networks form improvements  📣

  • PLANET-4240EN Form: Add dropdown field for the Oceans Campaign
    • The Oceans campaign needed a new drop down list in their EN form to be used by supporters to indicate their profession. The editor also has the chance to set up if the field is mandatory or optional.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-4455Gallery Block (Grid Style) : thumbnails get massively Zoomed in
    • The Gallery – Grid was only showing a tiny part of the original image instead of the full images in thumbnail size.
  • PLANET-4526GP Israel – Capital letters not rendered in frontend (Country Selector – Copyright)
    • All NRO names and languages were displayed with regular letters instead of Caps, for the Greenpeace Israel country selector.
  • PLANET-4589CPP – Minor frontend issues introduced
    • Columns block – Icons style: Call to Action link was overlapping Column text

  • Footer – CC icon was not aligned vertically with Greenpeace International 2019 text

Geek alert

(this section is dedicated to developers or web editors with advanced tech knowledge)

  • PLANET-4520Split and clean up js dependencies
    • On our 3 main application repos still have some obsolete dependencies (mostly gulp related), that delay the build. It also has some dependencies that are only need locally.
      • The team cleaned up obsolete gulp dependencies and made sure all gulp tasks were covered by webpack (eg. svg icons sprite generation).
      • The team also investigated if splitting up dependencies to production and development made sense (eg. master-theme has a backstop dependency).
      • And added a –production flag to planet4-builder on npm ci.
  • PLANET-4591Fix visitor WP login status information in dataLayer
    • The dataLayer values for signedIn and visitorType are not working properly on Planet 4 websites. We should fix the variables above to capture login (true/false) and user/visitor type (editor, admin, author, etc). The dataLayer script was fixed in all pages.