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A follow up release containing campaign specific improvements and bug fixes.

The ‘Share in Facebook’ functionality for the Social Media Cards block has been improved and the Oceans campaign integrated the search feature to solution on P4 Spreadsheet embed. And some more bug fixes.

Release v2.13.1 (23.12.2019)

P4 Campaign Generator (P4CG) 📣

  • PLANET-4540Social Media Card Block: improve “Share on Facebook” functionality
    • When clicking on the “Facebook” button of the Social Media Cards Block, a small pop up or a new tab should open and the supporters will be able to share the specific image and call to action short url.
    • This block is now only available for Campaigns, but will soon be in Pages and posts!
  • PLANET-4562CPP (Oceans Declaration): Integrate Search feature to solution on P4 Spreadsheet embed (New Block?)
    • To allow users of the Oceans Campaign to easily access details of the responsive spreadsheet (fetching data from a Google Sheet) we should include a Search bar within the block to allow further refinement of a long long list of names.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-4553The title and subtitle font sizes don’t not scale down properly on mobile
    • The title and subtitle font sizes don’t not scale down properly on mobile. The title and subtitle fonts sizes should be way smaller because they looks strange on mobile (one word per line) and push the content down.
  • PLANET-4567Gallery block: navigation indicators are elongated
    • Two of the three navigation indicators for a specific image within the gallery block were elongated.
  • PLANET-4607Country Selector: remove trailing slash in GPAP address
    • A trailing slash in the GPAP address in the P4 country dropdown menu is resulting in a 404.
  • PLANET-4505CPP – Plastics – Mobile – CSS fixes
    • Mobile layout has some css spacing issues. These changes will be CPP wide. They are heading size and vertical spacing and bullet point vertical spacing and link size.