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Block: Form (Engaging Networks)

Insert Call to Action in your P4 pages and send data to your Engaging Networks account

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This release bring a couple of design and UX improvements such as: searching posts by author name, reworking the ‘Thank you’ message settings for the EN form block; also, a couple of improvements for the P4 Campaign Generator and a couple of bug fixes, including the author field not being available for the editor level access and images not floating next to paragraphs.

Release v2.15 (14.01.2020)

P4 Campaign Generator (P4CG) 📣

  • PLANET-4560Spreadsheet block: Adjust to respect campaign styleguides
    • The Oceans campaign had recently developed a spreadsheet block that followed Oceans styling. Since this was designed and developed only for the Oceans campaign, the P4 team needed to style the solution provided by the developer to meet the rest of the campaign styles and adopt it in P4 campaign pages.
  • PLANET-4569Disable Submenu block
    • Disabled Submenu block from Campaigns postype.

Engaging Networks form improvements  📣

  • PLANET-4599EN Form block: rework “DONATE” options of thank you message
    • To allow flexibility to our editors and campaigners, we should rework a little bit the “DONATE” options of the EN Form, making clear what each field corresponds to and inserting the option for Custom links to donation pages.
    • Hence, the following changes have been implemented:
      • Rename the “Hide “Thank You” donate button” with “Hide “DONATE” button in Thank You message”
      • Fix the spacing of the toggle option to hide donate button, to be closer to the field below to kind of group together he donation options
      • Insert an additional field after the “Donate message” called “Custom DONATE url “
      • “Custom DONATE url” field should have grey placeholder text: “If empty, the default “DONATE” P4 Button link will be used”
      • If the “Custom DONATE url field contains a url, that link should override the default functionality.

Design and UX Improvements 🎩

  • PLANET-4515Include Authors data in Search results (if corresponding)
    • Rex Weyler has authored 27 Posts on the Greenpeace International site. When searching for “Weyler”, the site would load just 13 results, only 9 of which were authored by Rex. They only reason these 9 appear in the results is because his name appeared somewhere in the body of the Post. Adjusting the weighting was not working and apparently had no effect on the results. So it seems that the Author field was not being pulled in to Search. This is now fixed and entering the author name as the search text will return all published posts of that author.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-4429Author: not visible for editor level access
    • The author field was available under the Status and Visibility area only for Admin role. But Editors also needed this to be available for them. The workaround was for editors to change the author using the Quick Edit option. This is now fixed and editor has been given the list users permission.

Watch out! This change allows editors to see the “Users” page of your site. They don’t have permissions to modify users but they are able to see all user’s names and emails. We assume all your editors are Greenpeace staff, but if you have external editors and this represents a privacy concern for you let us know!

  • PLANET-4441 Text wrapping around image doesn’t work
    • When you use an image block and set the alignment option to “left” or “right”, then the following paragraph would wrap next to the image in the editor. But when viewed on the frontend it would instead be displayed full width below the image. The images are now also floating on the frontend like in the editor.
  • PLANET-4454Posts: Anchor link extends beyond the body column
    • Hyperlinked text was overrunning the body column on Posts. Take action cards had to be removed in order for the whole text to be visible. This was fixed by not keeping it mandatory for the external icon to always be on the same line of the hyperlinked text.
  • PLANET-4473Button block: insert error message when broken style
    • When using the button block, sometimes it was displayed weirdly on the front end. This was happening when a hyperlink was pasted in the text field of the button block (the actual link for the block has a separate field). The result was that this link was placed inside the actual link of the button, causing the browser to render 2 links.
    • Now, a warning will be shown when pasting a link into the button text, so that our editors can see this is wrong before publishing.  
  • PLANET-4481 Submenu: arrow link to scroll up is gone
    • On pages using the submenu block, the arrow that was taking the user back on top when he was navigating on the page was gone. 
  • PLANET-4524 CPP: Rogue space at top of page
    • When using a Campaign page that has a Header Carousel and has the Page Title hidden, extra space appears at the top of the page on all screen sizes.
  • PLANET-4602Spacer element in blogs doesn’t work correctly
    • The Spacer item works in relation to the Call Out Action Box, not towards the blog itself. If you scroll down, the “related articles” section gets rarely seen, as it keeps being pushed down.

Geek alert

(this section is dedicated to developers or web editors with advanced tech knowledge)

  • PLANET-4650 JS Error on Gallery – Slider renders block unusable
    • There was a console error happening in the editor side which needed to be fixed.