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One of the most important highlights of this release is that we are slowly replacing the Media library plugin. For the time being the new Media Library plugin is available on all staging and production instances, ready to be tested. Details below.

🎩 Features

  • PLANET-5189Refactor Medialibrary plugin and integrate into master theme
    • To address the issues with the current Medialibrary plugin, we decided to rewrite the functionality in React as part of the Master Theme, to eventually replace the original plugin.
    • To avoid confusion with the WordPress media library, we decided to give the integration a new name, “Greenpeace Image Archive”.
    • For this we’re trying out the “feature toggle” approach. This means that we deploy the code to production at an early stage, but hide the feature with a settings toggle that is off by default, until we have made the needed iterations to make it fully production ready.
    • We don’t recommend already turning the new media library on in production yet. But you can have a look on your develop or staging site.

📣 Campaign Pages

  • PLANET-5362 Change link color for the Plastics theme
    • We removed the custom link color of the plastics theme because it fails accessibility (too similar to text color).
    • We changed link color of the plastic theme to #BD3DBD
    • For hover over color: Applied same rule as in master theme (10% opacity)

📊 Data and Analytics

  • PLANET-5351Implement data attribute on Post Type Tag (on the post header)
    • Implemented data-attributes on elements:
      • data-ga-category
      • data-ga-action
      • data-ga-label 
    • Implemented data-attributes with the following standard values
Header Post Type Tagn/a
  • PLANET-5204Implement data attributes on Articles Block
    • Implemented data-attributes on elements:
      • data-ga-category
      • data-ga-action
      • data-ga-label 
    • Implemented data-attributes with the following standard values: 

Articles Block
Navigation Tag
Post Type Tag
Load More Button


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-5392Changes to the UI when toggling features not reflected in WP menu after save, requires additional refresh
    • We recently introduced a new menu where you can toggle certain experimental features. Some of these features might add some menu items in the WordPress backend when turned on. Because of how CMB2 (library we use for the settings pages) works, the WordPress menu is rendered before the saved settings are processed. For this menu this meant the expected menu items, for the features that were just turned on, would not appear until you refresh the page. As a workaround we added a script to do this refresh for you.
  • PLANET-5376Broken dates in Articles block in Safari
    • In Safari, the date field in the Articles block shows “Invalid date” due to problems parsing the `post_date` string. 
  • PLANET-5235Header Carousel: Header text cuts off at 32 characters
    •  When placing text in the header field of the header carousel the text on the front end cuts off at 32 characters yet the counter indicates that it has a 40 character maximum.

🛠️ Infrastructure

  • PLANET-5379Apply missing tags for app alerting in New Relic
  • PLANET-5375Update GCP cost estimates based on new compute
  • PLANET-5365 Script to safely restart P4 workloads to allow draining of single node
  • PLANET-5358Fix Traefik SSL certificate renewal in Dev
  • PLANET-5355 Reduce node pool count and monitor in Dev
  • PLANET-5352Reduce node pool count and monitor in prod
  • PLANET-5328Fix Traefik SSL certificate renewal in production