Blocks are used in posts and pages to dynamically pull out content or achieve specific functionalities

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2 weeks full of improvements! Our journeys towards a full “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” Planet 4 continues, with 2 more blocks now rendered in the new style. Data Attributes continue to be assigned to various fields, and technical debt (with CSS and JS fixes) kept getting slimmer. Infra improvements have also been made, some of which are related to the August Outage

🎩 Features

The new Split 2 columns editor
  • Counter Block Improvements
    • PLANET-5227 – accessibility: improved screen reader markup via a “role=text” attribute, to make VoiceOver reads job easier..
    • PLANET-5300 – Added JS acceptance tests as now it is rendered in JSX

🤸 📊 Tracking improvements

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-5344 – Video block is displayed on top of other blocks in the editor
    • It was a bit tough to edit content, with the video overriding the other blocks..
Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 10.29.54 - Ana Hristova.png
  • PLANET-5384 – Jquery causes issues in local development
  • PLANET-5407 – Failed assets builds don’t make the pipeline fail
  • PLANET-5400 – Articles editor CSS rule scope is not specific enough

🔧 Infra / tech improvements

  • ElasticSearch deployments:
  • CloudSQL Tests
    • PLANET-5456 – Test Prod CloudSQL restore, edit, restart
  • PLANET-5451 – Setup Grafana ingress for dev and enable persistent storage
  • PLANET-5336 – Deploy prometheus-operator to development
  • PLANET-5322 – Conform our shell scripts to Google Styleguide using shfmt