Add timelines with the P4 design to display activities and milestones

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Two new blocks are switched to WYSIWYG: Timeline and Submenu. All buttons in the platform now have a consistent layout – this includes all Call To Action (CTA) buttons, secondary and Donate button. The “HTML Edit” commands have been disabled in all WYSIWYG blocks. The author bio is now displayed in the correct language for the multi language sites and the articles block now displays the correct results.

🎩 Features

  • PLANET-5481Image Archive UI improvements.
    • We integrated the GPI Image Archive into the master theme. It’s currently “masked” under a Feature toggle (Planet 4 > Features). It’s enabled on GPI dev site.
  • PLANET-5501Consistency across all buttons.
    • All buttons should now have a 4px corner radius, be in Roboto Bold and in Lower Case. This applies to all buttons CTA, Secondary, and Donate.
    • Important: Not using custom text-transform (eg. uppercase). That includes also blocks (eg. Split Two Columns, Carousel Header) and Donate button on Navbar. Instead we should use text-transform: capitalize, that will capitalize first letter on each word.
  • PLANET-5463Disable “HTML Edit” from dynamic WYSIWYG blocks.
    • Editors can edit the blocks as HTML, but then when leaving the block or trying to switch back to visual editing, it shows “This block contains unexpected or invalid content.
    • From there, the user can either:
      • “convert to HTML” (which is not reversible, and doesn’t show the block preview)
      • “attempt block recovery” which does bring the visual editor and preview back, but changes made in the HTML are not saved.
  • PLANET-5348Harmonize language locales on all NRO websites
  • PLANET-5188Create Acceptance test for the Campaign Generator
  • PLANET-5221CI: Simplify Acceptance tests repo job to not require secrets
  • PLANET-5568Make HTML responses cachable by Cloudflare
  • PLANET-5517ElasticPress plugin adds css files to all pages which aren’t used

🐛Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-5388Related Articles are not related
    • On Posts, the Related Articles block was showing all stories, regardless of tag. The Related Articles block should show only Stories based on the Tag(s) used for that Post.
  • PLANET-5516Author bio translation displaying wrong language
    • For multi-language sites, the author bio translation was not showing up in the correct language
  • PLANET-5607Endpoints always fail if page is cached with expired nonce
  • PLANET-5605Google apps login cookie is set unintentionally in REST API responses
  • PLANET-5592Remove id attributes in svg markup of icon


  • PLANET-5597Fix failure of docker build in weekly job
  • PLANET-5594Update NewRelic alert thresholds for network usage post 1.16 upgrade
  • PLANET-5588Deploy nginx ingress updates to Prod
  • PLANET-5567Add resource limits to nginx ingress deployments
  • PLANET-5555Upgrade nginx 1.17.8 – new chart and version deployed
  • PLANET-5532Add all P4 sites to ping check in New Relic
  • PLANET-5529Update k8 master cluster to 1.16 – prod