We’re very happy in the Swiss team as this is the biggest award one can win in Switzerland for a web project. Of course, this is also a win for all of Planet4 and the people behind it. A huge thank you to everyone involved! :clinking_glasses:

Best of Swiss Web honors outstanding work commissioned by or created for Swiss companies in which the use of web technologies plays a major role. There are about 10 categories, and the Greenpeace Switzerland P4 website won the gold medal for “public value”.

“Greenpeace’s [Greenpeace Switzerland’s] new website very consistently emphasizes public value and supports not only exploration and donations but also action.
This focus on individual commitment clearly distinguishes the site from the widespread “indulgence trade” in the NGO business. Instead of “just” donating, one receives detailed instructions on how each and every one of us can make a concrete contribution to climate, nature and environmental protection.

The Swiss Award 2020 jury