In December 2018 we choose to use Usabilla to build Pop Ups for our End Of Year Fundraising campaign (EOYF) at GP Canada. You can get the codes here and learn how to built campaigns here.

Choosing your campaign type

Usabilla provides 4 types of campaigns, initially made for Surveys.

As we needed to build Pop Up and not surveys we tested each functionality. But each campaign type has specific characteristics allowing us or blocking from doing what we needed :à

    – can use full page fade and blocking background to focus on pop up
    – made to send to a page 2, not for external link (our donation page).
    – goal completions are only counted if we go to page 2.
    – made to send to an external page
    – completions are counted when clicking the button
    – can’t fade and block the the background for a full page pop up effect.

So we decided to adapt both codes for our purposes.
– FULL PAGE SURVEY for a full page pop up
– SLIDE OUT SURVEY for a sliding pop up
– RECRUIT PARTICIPANT for our bottom banner pop up

Set up Pop Ups

For Pop Up Templates see the GP Usabilla Pop Ups – Templates Code Gallery

Triggering set up (many customization possible):
– Timing : after 3 seconds
– Specific date range : 1 to 31 december

  1.  FULL PAGE SURVEY for a full page pop up
    > on Homepage
    > on Act Page

  2. SLIDE OUT SURVEY for a sliding pop up
    > on Articles pages
  3. RECRUIT PARTICIPANT for our bottom banner pop up
    > on Articles when we noticed SLIDE OUT SURVEY was not performing well enough, after 12 days.

Devices / Languages

Usabilla does not group campaigns, meaning we have to build one per device and language. For our bilingual country, this means 4 campaigns per pop up type.

  • Hot tip : finish a full campaign perfectly in one language and copy it : you’ll be able to select both Desktop and/or Mobile buttons. All your set up will remain the same. then just change the code for responsive and language.

Tracking & Results


As Usabilla is not a domain of ours we track by transaction and used our custom parameter “content specific” to identify each pop up. We now have a new content group allowing to see the page of conversion by group but not at that time.

After 12 days running the campaign we saw that the Sliding pop up on articles was not performing well and we decided to change it for the Bottom banner. Good move as you will see 😉


Usabilla was our 3rd source of fundraising and 2nd medium

and it raised 18.277 CAD for 178 transactions > good score for a novice!


Bonne chance à tou-te-s !