Greenpeace Netherlands does (just like Switzerland and hopefully more to come!) quite some own development on Planet4. We don’t post updates weekly like the P4 Team, but do a monthly summary.

In September we have mostly done design and bugfixes because Gutenberg is coming nearer every day and we have quite some stuff to migrate.

Some small conversion boosters on our election block.
Because our current national campaign aims mainly to reach a lot of people, we have removed the option of filling in a phone number. This (hopefully) lowers the threshold to participate in the election.

iDeal (Dutch e-banking) transactions are now also in Analytics.
Payment authorizations are already in Analytics. iDeal transactions are now also added. (Anonymously of course) This allows for fast and dirty analyzing when a thorough database analysis is a bit too much.

Analytics on petition sign-ups has been improved.
For the same reason for doing some fast analysis like with iDeal, we added some extra information on petition sign-ups in Analytics. We can now anonymously register if someone was already a supporter. 

Analytics&Browserslist&Gulp integration
After extracting browser usage data from Analytics we could feed this into Browserslist. Our build chain (Gulp) has autoprefixer and babel to allow for more browser compatibility, which can now use actual data from our website. See the GitHub repository for instructions

The use of Timber cache failed nonces
Nonces (Numbers only used once) are used (among other things) to prevent replay and CSRF attacks. The caching of the templates caused the WordPress nonces to fail. We have removed the use of the WordPress nonces for frontend use and have added a cryptographic nonce that is unique to each request and bypasses caching.

We are working hard to implement all of the blocks which we have made for GPNL in the past year in Gutenberg. 13 blocks in total, 7 done, 3 in doing, 2 in backlog, 1 will be dropped.