As announced on Medium (and by the title of this release note) we are now entering the new version of P4, which will deliver an engagement platform with uniquely branded campaigning features and counters, to allow supporters to visualise their impact and follow their favorite campaigns.

The launch of the first Planet 4 Campaign Generator (P4CG), supporting the Climate Emergency boost is the main outcome of the work done with the EN Form Block, the Counter block and the #Campaign ad-hoc features, de facto marking the prototype phase (V1) over.

Over the next few weeks in this Handbook, under #Campaigns, you will find Guides for Editors (how to use The P4CG), for Campaigners (how to get a P4CG in a NRO p4 site), for Designers (how to customise a P4CG page) and for Developers (how to build code on your P4CG Child theme).

In the meantime, enjoy the P4CG pilot and welcome to v2!

Release v2.0 (04/09/2019)

P4 Campaign Generator (P4CG) ✊

  • PLANET-3994Adjust space between main section and footer on Climate Emergency page
    • The spacing between the main section and the footer has been adjusted. Before this fix, the footer was too far below the page.
  • PLANET-3999P4CG – Climate Emergency theme css changes
    • Some minor CSS changes to the Climate Emergency page.
  • PLANET-4018Quick Fix: Update logo and remove uppercase for title
    • Updated the logo and set the form content title to normal caps.


  • PLANET-4035CPP – Minimal footer – Legal text should be the same as on the Default footer
    • The Legal text in the Minimal footer was different than the Default legal text on the P4 sites. So the text has been updated and is now the same as the one on the Default footer.
    • For example the International site should have the following legal text: Unless otherwise stated, the copy of the website is licensed under a CC-BY International License. CC Greenpeace International 2019

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-3796Blocks in Posts: Media block
    • The Media Block needed padding removed from header on S screens. All fixed now!
  • PLANET-3881Password-Protected pages have header fields appearing
    • If we add content in the Page header fields to a Password-protected page, they should be invisible too. Only page title (not Header Title) should be visible, a password-protected page implies restriction of content consumption.
    • This has been fixed and now only the title is visible on password-protected pages.



  • PLANET-3932 Search: Media Results not accommodating special characters
    • When searching for “30×30” the results were showing coded characters in the results – this has been fixed and the results from search don’t contain special characters anymore.
  • PLANET-4008Fix broken EN test
    • The EN test that was failing has been fixed and re-added.