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A new feature for the editors: with this release, editors have the option to hide the title block from visitors whilst the title is still available in the system. We are also bringing to life one community idea, submitted by Lise, to allow take action boxouts block in Posts, not only Pages.

Also, some improvements for better tracking of the Campaign Pages and small designs adjustments for pages and EN form. And a couple more bug fixes.

Release v2.2 (17/09/2019)

New feature 👑🆕

Community idea! 💡

  • PLANET-4023Allow “Take Action” boxout in Posts – Idea by Lise
    • Editors are now able to  to add the floating Take action boxout as a block instead of from the take action page selector from post edit page. Below there are some rules about the box:
      • If a block is inserted in the POST the default layout will be to place the card floating on the side
      • Add legend in block indicating the action boxout in posts appears on the side
      • If both fields are filled in (block, and take action selector) then give priority to the block and ignore what was selected in take action page selector

P4 Campaign Generator (P4CG) ✊

  • PLANET-4016CPP – Implement Hotjar javascript tracking on form success and fail submissions
    • Although Hotjar tries to properly track when a form has been submitted successfully or not, this doesn’t always work. So, we needed to implement a javascript tracking code for both successful and failed submissions.
      • When a form is successfully submitted, the following code should be used:
        Obs: There’s already a dataLayer event fired when the form is submitted (‘petitionSignup’). We could trigger the javascript code above in the same situations.
      • When a form fails validation, the following code should be used:
        Obs: There’s already a message on the frontend when the submission fails: There was a problem with the submission*.* We can trigger the javascript code above in the same situations.
  • PLANET-4051CPP: Climate Emergency adjust spacing of paragraph
    • Adjust spacing in paragraph in description field of column block, to be the same as the text above.

Engaging Networks form improvements  📣

  • PLANET-3946EN Form: Apply redesign for MENA (for the 3 styles)
    • Some design needs were applied to all styles (full width, body width, right side) of the EN form block for MENA.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • PLANET-4026Cookies bar button has no padding and different style
    • In the campaign pages, the label on the cookies bar button had no padding and was no longer following the P4 design. This has been fixed.
  • PLANET-4039User Roles: Editors and Authors do not have access to Campaign pages
    • There has been assigned some access to the Editor and Author:
      • Assign following roles to editor:
      • Assign following roles to author:
        edit_published_campaign_pages – only when the user is the author of page
        publish_campaign_pages – only when the user is the author of page
        delete_published_campaign_pages – only when the user is the author of page
  • PLANET-4079EN Form block: Scroll on top doesn’t work as expected on mobile
    • On mobile the EN form is stacked below the content text when using the side style, so the scroll to top goes way above than it should. This has been fixed and is working properly now.
  • PLANET-3933Search: Media Results displaying image files
    • When searching for “30×30” the results were showing .jpg files in the results. This type of files is now excluded from search settings.
  • PLANET-4000MENA: “Convert Blocks” command not working on 3rd Language
    • The command to convert blocks was not working with the French pages. The MENA site being trilingual, it seems that the 3rd language was not being picked up by the conversion command.
  • PLANET-4025Visibility: Password protection not working for campaign pages
    • When setting a password for a published page, using the assigned password (test) would not reveal the page. Instead the page simply refreshes, still showing the password prompt.
  • PLANET-4024Take Action boxouts: Order pages alphabetically
    • Re-ordered take action pages in alphabetical order (A-Z) in take action page selector in:
      1. Take action boxout block
      2. Posts > Edit page > Take Action page selector field