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All over P4, the background colours have been harmonised from pale blue and cream to a more readable #FFFFFF white, Spreadsheet and table blocks now have standard colours.

Additionally, a lot of work on how we track visitors’ behaviour on the P4 sites and on how to securely deploy Smartsheet’s API key in all Planet 4 instances. Also, fixing some bugs such as the TA boxout excerpt being copied to post excerpt or the spacer item working in relation to the Call Out Action Box.

Release V2.31 (full list also in change log)

🎩 UI and UX

  • PLANET-4965 – Change Shedding Light header gradient color
    • Background colours across Pages and Posts (#ECF1F3 pale blue and #FAF7EC cream) have now been replace with #FFFFFF white. By doing this we will ensure that we have a wider range of colour options that pass accessibility going forward.

📊 Data and Analytics

  • PLANET-4970Implement data attributes on Navigation Bar
    • Implemented data-attributes on elements:
      • data-ga-category
      • data-ga-action
      • data-ga-label 
    • Implemented data-attributes with the following standard values:

Menu Navigation
 Greenpeace Logo
Open Menu
Close Menu
Open Country Selector
Close Country Selector

  • PLANET-4967 Securely deploy Smartsheet’s API key in all Planet 4 instances
    • To avoid any problems in the integration we hid the following fields from Planet 4 settings: 
      • Smartsheet API Key; and
      • Analytics Global Smartsheet ID.
  • PLANET-4969Implement data attributes on Search Page
    • Implemented data-attributes on elements:
      • data-ga-category
      • data-ga-action
      • data-ga-label 
    • Implemented data-attributes with the following standard values: 
Search PageIssue Filter
Tag Filter
Category Filter
Content Filter
[filter name]
Search Page Load More Button[n. results displayed] 
Search Page Sort By FilterMost Relevant
Most Recent
Search Page Search Buttonn/a
Search ResultsTitle 
Call to Action
Navigation Tag
Category Tag
Take Action

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • PLANET-4700TA boxout excerpt is copied to post excerpt
    • Removed “Take action boxout” excerpt from the post excerpt
  • PLANET-4653Remove Spacer override and use a different method to position the Take Action Boxout
    • The Spacer item was working in relation to the Call Out Action Box, not towards the blog itself. When a user would scroll down, the “related articles” section would not get seen rarely seen, as it keeps being pushed down.
  • PLANET-5027Submenu block: Padding missing
    • When using any menu style, where the list style = number, the left side padding was disproportionate to that of the right. Hence, we added padding on the left side of the Submenu.
  • PLANET-5089 – Take action element on the wrong side on RTL sites
    • Right-to-left alphabets (e.g. greenpeace.org/mena) had troubles in reading the take action element
  • PLANET-5063 – Navigation: Donate button hover color is not visible
    • CSS issue that created some troubles when hovering over the “Donate” button in the Nav. bar.
  • PLANET-5029 – Alignment of text wrapped around images is off
    • When an image is aligned left (or right) the paragraph wrapping it should align with the top of the image.
    • This bug appears on both Posts and Pages, evergreen and default.
  • PLANET-4955 – Search: TA pages low in search results
    • When searching for something on the P4 site, the results should display in this order: TA pages and Campaign pages, other Pages and only then Posts.
  • PLANET-4928 – GPI Media Library: Import button fails to load
    • When clicking “Upload From GPI Media Library” (from any page) rather than being taken to the Media Library import screen, the page refreshes and reverts back to the main Library page.
  • PLANET-4774 – Investigate why certain attachments have many duplicate metadata records.
    • Found out which code is creating instead of updating these records.
    • Investigated if we should use a plugin or post-deploy script to clean up old records, as they might affect performance.

Geek alert

(this section is dedicated to developers or web editors with advanced tech knowledge)

  • PLANET-5050Upgrade WPML to 4.3.12
    • WPML 4.3.4 had a bug, displaying a wrong notice: “Notice: “REST API is disabled, blocking some features of WPML”. This is fixed in 4.3.6, so it’s a good opportunity to upgrade the plugin.
      • Tested latest WPML (3.4.12) with the rest of plugins (especially ES)
      • Confirmed that the API notice is no longer displayed
      • Added the new version to be deployed in next P4 release
  • PLANET-4695Exception: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array