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A part of the team’s current work is to continue switching the blocks to WYSIWYG and this release we converted two more blocks: Articles and Counter blocks; we also excluded landing page from search results as part of the SEO project and fixed a couple of bugs, most of them addressing some inconsistencies in the Plastics campaign theme.

Features 🎩

  • PLANET-5307Exclude landing page from search results
    • Part of the SEO project action items was to move the landing page to the root path, and also exclude it from search results.
  • PLANET-5274 Landing Page: Redirect on last visited NRO based on cookie
    • Checked if there a “greenpeace” cookie present and if it has gp_nro
    • If so, use its value to redirect there
    • Add a redirect notice when a redirect is taking place.
  • PLANET-5193 Create Acceptance test for the Campaign Importer
    • Set up a test with the most obvious assertions. No need to have this test cover everything, probably better to merge the initial test first and then iterate on it.

Bug Fixes 🐛 

  • PLANET-5294Apply typography rules to numbered lists
    • There seemed to be issues only on bigger screens, but anyway the numbered lists (“ol” tag) was supposed to follow the same typography rules as bullet lists.
  • PLANET-5276EN Form: Country Field appears always in English
    • In the EN form, the country field was in English and some NROs needed it in another language, Arabic for eg.
      • Made that placeholder string translatable
      • Adjusted the template to pick up custom label text
  • PLANET-5230 – Plastics theme links have wrong color and hover state
    • Links inside Columns text were supposed to have the correct link color #0058CC
  • PLANET-5187Plastics theme buttons have the wrong colour text
    • The rounded buttons in the column blocks needed white text not blue in the icon columns block
  • PLANET-5161Plastic theme Column block titles missing bold weight
    • Changed font weight on Column headings on all Column styles for the Plastics theme to bold
  • PLANET-5371 Translations not working in Articles header and load more text defaults
    • Some translations were moved to the frontend js, however they were not working there. As we workaround we can do translations in the block’s backend render function and put them in the attributes.
    • Also we made sure the current post was excluded from the fetched blocks if we’re on a post page.
  • PLANET-5296Posts: Empty TA Card when TA Page is archived
    • On Posts, when a TA Page is archived the TA Card where it was once appearing should no longer exist. Instead, the card remains on the Post but is empty.
      • We set it up to hide the TA Card if the page is not public (eg. archived, deleted, etc)
      • We also made sure that on the dropdown menu only public page are shown for selection
  • PLANET-5269Fix footer on mobile
    • Reverted footer icons font size (and/or line height) before the list typographic changes
    • Aligned icons to the center
    • Checked the mobile vertical spacing of footer links

🛠️ Infrastructure

  • PLANET-5278 Update utility versions in base circleci image
  • PLANET-5277Replace rocketchat with slack notifications in #p4-infra-ci
  • PLANET-5346Decrease cookie expiration value for last visited NRO